Mold making services
Using Pro/ENGINEER® 3D CAD software, and Sun Sparc 2 and SGI Inidigo2 workstations,
We can take your new product ideas to the manufacturing stage in just one month.
To expedite your orders, we use high-speed Mitsubishi graphite processing machines,
Sodick NC EDM CAM equipment, and an array of peripheral equipment to turn
your designs into the plastic products you need.
We've provided plastic-injection services for computer peripherals,
consumer electronics, home appliances and more since 1973.
For special projects, accelerated lead times are available.
To find out more, visit us online or contact us today with your designs.

Plastic valve

CD jewel case

Cosmetics cases and bottles

Mold making services ...

OEM plastic-injection molds for

LCDs, Computer peripherals,

Consumer electronics,

home appliances and more...